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What software can you use to produce drawings for planning permission?

To complete the planning permission application for a dwelling, a house extension, a deck, a garage conversion, or a swimming pool, you will need to submit the drawings for your projects. Producing drawings yourself such as a site plan, a cross sections drawing, floor plan and elevations or a roof plan is now possible thanks to the easy handling and the advanced features of the Architect 3D© planning permission software!

Obtain planning permission with the help of Architect 3D©

For simple home improvement and restoration work, you can call upon a qualified contractor without applying for permission or filling any building regulations application.

However, consulting with your local planning authority (LPA) through your local council is the best way to determine if your project requires planning permission and/or building regulations approval, or if it is a permitted development that does not require any administrative procedure.

The criteria depend on the nature of the works.

Site plan
Elevation plan
Cross Sections plan
Roof plan
Floor plan
3D rendering

So how do you plan for planning permission with Architect 3D©?

Whether it’s designing a swimming pool, an additional room, a house extension, a new elevation, building a garage or converting it into a living room… we have the solution to create your interior or exterior design yourself: Architect 3D © software offers you the easiest way to finalize your graphic pieces in a short time!

With its ease of use and its functions previously reserved for complex and expensive solutions, Architect 3D© will allow you to meet most of the conditions required to submit your application for planning permission or building regulations approval. All you have to do is attach your self-made plans to it.

Are you wondering who can help you obtain planning permission?

To develop different types of projects requiring planning permission, Architect 3D© planning permission planning software provides you with the help you need.

From creation assistance to the range of tools, including the library of objects and materials, Architect 3D© supports you in the best possible way in carrying out your plan, internally and externally.

In addition, with its tutorials and customization possibilities (annotations, etc.) integrated into its user interface, you can easily create a floor plan, a topography plan or even annotated elevations, roof plans, etc. according to your necessities. Thanks to the 3D visualization, you can even insert 3D rendered images into your documents.

Making your own planning permission drawings easily is finally a possible solution thanks to Architect 3D©

Not to mention the advantages of this general public architecture software which will allow you to continue working on your project once the permission is in your pocket! You can even use Architect 3D© to perfect your rendering, share information about the project, decorate your interior or even make a first standard estimate: a sure step towards the design of the house of your dreams.

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