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New features in Version 22

Sheet Layout Mode NEW

Create sheet layout including 2D plan views and 3D images of your project in order to print all the elements of your house that will be used to create your planning permission. Once the presentation sheet is finished, the printing module will allow you to print your entire project on the paper format you have defined.


Sheet Layout Mode [new]
New options for railing, decks and staircases NEW

• 16 new railing styles. Offset spindles, glass, wire, composite, and custom material sections. (all versions)
• Deck railing can now be inset from deck edge. (all versions)
• Custom 3D posts. (Ultimate et Platinum versions only)

New options for railing, decks and staircases [new]
2D CAD Symbols NEW

• 1146 new 2D CAD symbols added to library.
• Can now resize 2D Symbol groups with mouse.
• Snapping now detects objects inside 2D Symbol groups.
• Can now group/ungroup 2D symbols and text.
• 2D Symbol groups can now be copy/pasted and saved into the template library.

2D CAD Symbols [new]
Glass Panes NEW

• Glass panes added to windows, doors, and skylights.
• Glass panes can be turned on or off for each window, door, or skylight.
• The translucency of glass can be changed

Glass Panes [new]
PhotoRender (LuxCore) NEW

A new 3D rendering engine is integrated into Architect 3D with more options and additional image processing for even more realistic rendering. The light emissions effects can be applied to any surface to make it emit light.


PhotoRender (LuxCore) [new]
Import files NEW

• OBJ import (Version Ultimate, Platinum et Gold)
• PDF 2D import (all versions)
• SketchUp 2022 import (all versions)

Import files [new]
Expanded object library

Hundreds of new 2D and 3D objects, and textures to choose from to furnish or decorate your interiors and exteriors

Bibliotheque dobjets enrichie

Plus lots of new features

New callout tools to define portions of the building model as details, sections, and elevations.

Note markers to Identify building specifications such as framing requirements, pier locations, etc.

Plan labels to add title lines to display Plan names; customize text alignment and font style

High-quality resolution and printing

Minimum system requirements:

Windows® 7 64-bit, Windows® 8 64-bit, Windows® 10, Windows® 11 – Intel® or compatible 1.0 GHz 64-Bit processor or higher – 1 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended)

3 GB available hard disk space – 3D video card (1024*768 min 32 bit)

Hard disk: To install this software program, your computer must have sufficient disk space to allow the unzipping and installation of 3 GB.

The software in the Architect 3D® range represents a volume of more than 1 GB. We therefore recommend that you use a high-speed connection to download this software.