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Experiment with a new kitchen or office layout, a new room in your house or design new landscaping alongside your terrace. The only limit is your imagination.

+ New Features

Architect 3D© has introduced a suite of enhancements to elevate your design experience. With Custom Workshop Pro, you gain access to over 90 professional CAD tools, enabling the creation of detailed objects and compatibility with leading CAD formats. The Line Text Styles feature offers improved text customization within your plans, ensuring clear communication of details.

The Lightworks™ Photo Rendering lighting tools bring your designs to life with realistic lighting effects, adding depth and realism to your visualizations. The Callout Tool and Plan Labels provide essential annotations and information labels, making it easier to understand and share your architectural vision.

Note Markers are a simple yet powerful way to pinpoint and describe specific aspects of your design, while the new Online 360° Viewer offers an immersive way to explore your projects in a full panoramic view. Lastly, the 2D House Plans are fundamental for a clear representation of layouts, crucial for both design intent and construction details.

These features collectively enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of Architect 3D, making it a comprehensive tool for both novices and professionals in the field of architectural design. Whether you’re planning a new home or remodeling an existing space, these tools are designed to streamline your workflow and bring your ideas to fruition with ease and precision.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we present a comparative analysis of the features available within each downloadable package of Architect 3D©:

Custom Workshop Pro
Line Text Styles
Line Text Styles
Lightworks™ Photo Rendering lighting tools
Callout Tool
Plan Labels
Note Markers
NEW Online 360° Viewer
2D House Plans
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000

+ Home Design

The new Architect 3D product has introduced several features to enhance user experience in design and planning. The Advanced 2D Drawing Engine improves precision in creating 2D plans, while Custom Rich Text enables more personalized text formatting. The 3D Cutaway Tool offers a unique perspective by slicing through structures to view interior layouts. Double Doors and Mounting Options expand customization for entryways, and Advanced Floor Management provides sophisticated control over floor plan designs.

Floor Plan Trace assists in digitizing physical plans into the software, and 1-Click Custom Room Additions roofs simplifies the process of adding new rooms with roofs. An Online Training Center is available for learning and support. Foundation Planner, HVAC Planner, and Electrical Planner are specialized tools for planning essential home systems. The Estimator with Room Estimating helps in budgeting and material estimation.

Automatic and Custom Roof Tools facilitate roof design, complemented by Automatic Gables and a Dormer Tool for creating various roof styles. Aerial Room View (3D) provides a bird’s-eye view of room layouts. The software supports both Metric and Imperial Measurements for global usability. Framing, Baywall, and Curved Wall Tool enhance structural design capabilities, and the Room Addition Tool makes expanding existing plans more efficient. These features collectively aim to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly architectural design experience.

Advanced 2D Drawing Engine
Custom Rich Text
3D Cutaway Tool
Double Doors and Mounting Options
Advanced Floor Management
  • 4
  • 4
  • 6
  • 12
  • 20
Floor Plan Trace
1-Click Custom Room Additions roofs
Online Training Center
Foundation Planner
HVAC Planner
Electrical Planner
Estimator with Room Estimating
Estimator with Room Estimating
Automatic and Custom Roof Tools
Automatic Gables

+ Interior Design

Architect 3D unveils a suite of new interior design features that expand your design possibilities. With a vast selection of 3D objects, you can customize your spaces to your liking. The library includes over 7640 materials, offering a wide range of textures and finishes to suit any style. The Column Tool is ideal for setting architectural accents, while PhotoView allows you to integrate photos into your designs for a more realistic image of the finished space.

For fine-tuning the decor, specialized tools are available, such as the Decor Column Tool and the Cabinet Tool, which enable you to create custom solutions for storage and design. Accessories and window treatments add a personal touch to each room.

In terms of functionality, Architect 3D provides tools for planning cables, phones, and thermostats, ensuring seamless integration into your design. The Security System Tools and Home Automation Tools are cutting-edge and allow you to design a smart home. Finally, the Home Theater feature completes the package, giving you the opportunity to plan a special entertainment area that is both comfortable and technologically sophisticated. These new features in Architect 3D take your interior design to a new level of creativity and functionality.

Included 3D Objects*
  • 5469
  • 5469
Over 7640+ Materials
Column Tool
Accessories / Window Treatments
Décor Column Tool
Cabinet Tool
Security System Tools
Home Automation Tools
Home Theater

+ Landscape Design

Architect 3D’s landscape design features offer a robust set of tools for creating the perfect outdoor space. The program includes 2D Plant Symbols to represent a variety of plant species in your design plans. With Customizable Plant Sizing, you can adjust the scale of plants to fit the proportions of your landscape accurately. A vast library of over 4000 plants provides a wide range of flora to choose from, ensuring that you can find the right greenery for any area.

For organizing outdoor areas, Landscape and Patio Groupings allow you to design cohesive and inviting spaces. Topography Tools help you map out the contours of the land, essential for accurate landscape planning. Deck Layout Tools and IntelliDeck Tools facilitate the design of decks that conform to your outdoor space’s specific dimensions and shapes.

Plant Fill features enable you to create lush, filled-out beds with ease, while Irrigation Tools assist in planning an efficient watering system for your garden. Custom Edging and Bed Borders give you the freedom to define distinct areas with unique borders that enhance the overall aesthetic.

For those who love to entertain outdoors, Outdoor Kitchen Custom Cabinets provide the means to design a fully functional kitchen area. Lastly, the Site Planner with Property Line Coordinates is an invaluable tool for plotting out your property’s boundaries, ensuring that all your landscape features fit perfectly within your available space. Together, these features empower you to craft a comprehensive and beautiful outdoor living environment with Architect 3D.

2D Plant Symbols
Customizable Plant Sizing
Topography Tools
Deck Layout Tools
Over 4000+ Plants
Outdoor decoration (furniture, objects)
IntelliDeck Tools
Outdoor Kitchen Custom Cabinets
Fence Designer
Landscape and Patio Groupings
Site Planner (Property Line Coordinates)

+ Other Features

Architect 3D offers a set of features that enhance the design process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. The Library Navigation and Preview Control allows for easy browsing and viewing of objects before they are placed in the design. Point Selection Highlight Guides aid in accurately identifying and selecting points within the design. With Drag and Drop into 3D, objects can be quickly positioned into the 3D view, simplifying the design experience.

For those utilizing multiple displays, Multiple Monitor Support enables a more expansive workspace, allowing for better organization and multitasking. The Realmodel feature transforms digital designs into physical models, adding a tangible aspect to the design process. The Elevation Editor gives designers the ability to manipulate and customize the vertical dimensions of terrain and structures.

Compatibility with existing plans and collaboration is facilitated by the ability to Import DXF/DWG (2D) files, as well as the option to Export DXF/DWG files to share designs with others. Additionally, the 2D Symbol Library provides a comprehensive collection of design symbols that can be incorporated into 2D floor plans and elevations. Architect 3D’s tools are designed to enhance the creative capabilities of both novice and professional designers.

Library Navigation and Preview Control
Point Selection Highlight Guides
Drag and Drop into 3D
Multiple Monitor Support
Elevation Editor
Import DXF/DWG (2D)
Export DXF/DWG
2D Symbol Library

+ Visualization

In Architect 3D, the visualization features include 2D for flat plan views, 3D for models with depth, 3D Panning for exploring different angles, 3D Animation for dynamic light and shadow effects, Room View for an interior perspective, Cutaway for internal structure insights, Elevation for exterior side views, Aerial for a top-down perspective, Saved 3D Viewports for quick access to specific views, and Clearview/Wireframe for a structural framework view. These tools help in refining and understanding architectural designs efficiently.

3D Panning
3D Animation
Room View
Saved 3D Viewports

+ Interoperability

In Architect 3D, the new interoperability features enhance the software’s versatility. The OBJ File Export allows users to export their 3D models as OBJ files, which are widely used for 3D modeling in other programs and for 3D printing. This feature includes exporting the textures used in the Architect drawing, making it a seamless transition for further use in other applications or for creating physical models1.

The STL File Export is another powerful feature that enables users to convert their 3D models into STL files. These files are commonly used for 3D printing, allowing the creation of solid objects from the Architect 3D models.

Together, these features significantly expand the potential uses of Architect 3D models, from digital applications to tangible, printed objects.

New - OBJ File Export
New - STL File Export