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Experiment with a new kitchen or office layout, a new room in your house or design new landscaping alongside your terrace. The only limit is your imagination.

+ New Features

Custom Workshop Pro
Line Text Styles
Line Text Styles
Lightworks™ Photo Rendering lighting tools
Callout Tool
Plan Labels
Note Markers
NEW Online 360° Viewer
2D House Plans
  • 250
  • 5000
  • 1000

+ Home Design

Advanced 2D Drawing Engine
Custom Rich Text
3D Cutaway Tool
Double Doors and Mounting Options
Advanced Floor Management
  • 4
  • 4
  • 6
  • 12
  • 20
Floor Plan Trace
1-Click Custom Room Additions roofs
Online Training Center
Foundation Planner
HVAC Planner
Electrical Planner
Estimator with Room Estimating
Estimator with Room Estimating
Automatic and Custom Roof Tools
Automatic Gables

+ Interior Design

Included 3D Objects*
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • 5469
  • 5469
Over 7640+ Materials
Column Tool
Accessories / Window Treatments
Décor Column Tool
Cabinet Tool
Security System Tools
Home Automation Tools
Home Theater

+ Landscape Design

2D Plant Symbols
Customizable Plant Sizing
Topography Tools
Deck Layout Tools
Over 4000+ Plants
Outdoor decoration (furniture, objects)
IntelliDeck Tools
Outdoor Kitchen Custom Cabinets
Fence Designer
Landscape and Patio Groupings
Site Planner (Property Line Coordinates)

+ Viewing and 3D rendering

3D Cutaway Tool
Dimensioning Options
Instant 3D Views
Split 2D and 3D views on separate screens
Backgrounds import
3D ClearView Rendering and Wireframe
Cutaway display
Saving 3D views for faster access
Aerial Room View (3D)
Elevation Editor
3D Effects
Global Sun Positioning

+ Interoperability

New - OBJ File Export
New - STL File Export