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Experiment with a new kitchen or office layout, a new room in your house or design new landscaping alongside your terrace. The only limit is your imagination.

+ Assistance, training and tools for a quick start

Video tutorials and advice on use
Interactive help and tooltips per tool
Customisation of the interface's colours
Quickstart™ wizard: addition of rooms by drag and drop
Multi-screen use possible
Standard ready-to-use house plans

+ Design mode

Material designer
Foundation management
Number of floors supported
  • 6
  • 12
  • 20
Partitions and openings: walls, ceilings, doors, windows, stairwells, mezzanines, staircases, cabinets, conservatories
Plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Automatic generation and customisation of roofs (skylights, gables, velux roof windows, dormer windows, etc.)
Measurements in metric and imperial formats
Tracing of scanned plans
Estimator: editable and exportable estimate
Curved walls
Library of 2D architectural symbols
Addition of rooms in 1 click
Framing (beams, joists, load-bearing columns, etc.)
Customised door and window designer
Customised ceiling designer
Symbol Editor

+ Interior design and decoration

More than 4,600 3D objects (furniture and accessories)
More than 7,600 materials available
Drag and drop objects directly into the 3D view
Wall trims (base trim, crown trim, wainscoting)
Column tool
Modification and customisation of library objects
PhotoView™: addition of photographed objects/images
Workshop to create customised 3D objects
Window features (curtains, shutters, blinds, etc.)
“QuickPalette” to apply a colour scheme to a room in 1 click
“Decorator's Palette” to group together the most frequently used colours and materials
Design of customised fireplaces and mantles
Trim wizard (moulding, base trim, wainscoting, etc.)
Security (cameras, motion detectors, etc.)
PhotoView™ Editor: modification of imported objects and images
Home automation (intercoms, touch screens, photoelectric sensors, etc.)
Home cinema (TV, speakers, projectors, satellite dishes, etc.)

+ Garden and outside areas

Terraces, walkways, fences, gates, edging, outdoor staircases, etc.
Library of trees, plants and flowers with optimised search and growth projection
Outdoor decoration (furniture, objects, etc.)
Definition of property boundaries and topography
Customised terrace wall outline (Intellideck tool)
Outdoor cabinets
Fence designer and customised gates
Pool designer
Design of the ground by registration of the land coordinates thanks to the “Site Planner”

+ Viewing & sharing of the project

Generation and display of 3D renderings in real time
Possible to display 2D and 3D views on separate screens
Background import
RealModel 3D model printing to create 3D scale models
3D view cut-out tool
3D ClearView and wireframe rendering
Elevation view to edit your plans directly in the 3D view
Cut-out display
3D aerial view of the project
Saving of 3D views for faster access later
Sun Direction module
3D effects
Creation and saving of virtual tours
LightWorks© module exclusive to the Ultimate version for even more realistic 3D rendering

+ Interoperability

Import of .skp files (SketchUp)
Import of .3ds files (3ds Max)
Saving in image format
Export of .DXF/.DWG files
Saving in .VRML (3D) format
Import of .DXF/.DWG files (Plans only)