New version Architect 3D© V22: new options and features for an even better experience!

3D kitchen layout made with architecture software Architect 3D

Enhanced customisation options and exceptional 3D views make it easy to design your own house plan


The Architect 3D© home design software now allows you to easily draw up plans and view designs with just a few clicks of your mouse. As well as a highly intuitive interface, the 2022 version introduces further enhancements including comprehensive tools for customisation of 2D plans and more powerful real-time 3D rendering. The perfect software package for user-friendly, quick and easy creation of high-quality and precise house plans.


You don’t need to be an expert to plan the construction or extension of your home or even renovate your apartment! From completing permit applications to adding an extra room for a home office, viewing and sharing interior design ideas with family and friends, reviewing your project with a professional and working out landscaping concepts, the Architect 3D© CAD software guides you through the creation of 2D plans and real-time 3D views.

3D view layout made with Architect 3D

View your future home from different angles: the Architect 3D© CAD software allows you to easily fine-tune and adapt your design at each step of the process.

Precise house plans to support better decision-making!

Beyond its intuitive features, the new version of Architect 3D© 22 offers customised design tools including plan annotations, door/window labels and level markers to allow an extremely precise illustration of your intended design.

The new version also provides useful information to help you present the details of your project and apply for the relevant permits. V22 gives you absolute control of your design plans with options including labels to identify the main structural elevations.

From the structure of your house through to the finishes, including the creation of your garden, Architect 3D© 22 will guide you step by step in the creation of your home while controlling the costs.

The new version of the Architect 3D© Home Design software offers even more powerful visualisation and rendering


Easy and ultra-realistic 3D house plan: to truly visualise your future home!

Working on plans with real-time 3D rendering allows easier adjustments and makes your project already feel like home! The new enhanced version 22 of the Architect 3D© CAD software makes it possible to generate even more striking renderings.

Thanks to the new LightWorks® customised lighting options, you can easily produce interior design plans with Architect 3D ultimate V22, allowing you to truly visualise yourself in your home and to share your ideas with your decorator, interior designer or builder.


Moreover, plan templates, a step-by-step wizard, and thousands of objects will help you find inspiration and position the first rooms in just a few clicks. From foundations to roofing and plumbing to electricity, each tool comes with a description so you can pick up the essentials straight away.


Architect 3D© also provides you with an estimator to cost your project as well as simple green tips to intelligently design your future living space. Designed primarily for consumers, the new version of the software is still accessible to everyone and strikes the right balance between ease of use and unlimited creation.


New features in Architect 3D© 22:

Sheet Layout Mode: Layout mode allows you to build a presentation of your design into construction documents (Ultimate and Platinum only).

Sheet layout mode

New options for railing, decks and staircases: Offset spindles, glass, wire, composite, and custom material sections.

2D CAD Symbols: 1146 new 2D CAD symbols added to library (Ultimate, Platinum, and Gold only).

PhotoRender (LuxCore): A new 3D rendering engine is integrated into Architect 3D with more options and additional image processing for even more realistic rendering (Ultimate only).

Import files: OBJ, PDF, Sketchup 2022.

3D Viewpoint: Shift key will now change view tilt in walkthrough & elevations in helicopter or aerial view.




Create the house of your dreams in 3D and become your own architect!