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3D Visualisation & Presentation

3D Visualisation & Presentation

3D Visualisation & Presentation

Architect 3D has been designed to allow you to admire your project from any angle.

You can review the results of your actions at each step and make any changes needed to create your dream home.

On completion of your project, Architect 3D allows you to fly around your home from all angles or walk through each room in turn.

You’re then ready to present your creations to family and friends or to professionals, in the form of plans, paper models or even virtual visits!

Fly around your project in 3D!

The different views let you fly around and view your home in 3D: 2D or 3D wireframe, ClearView™, editable 3D and more.

Walk through each room of your house in turn

You can take a virtual walk through each room of your home as if you were actually there: specify the direction of the sun, adjust the lighting, open doors, windows, etc. Thanks to the Sun Direction tool, you can also walk through your project at different times of day.

Bring your project to life in the form of a 3D model

You can create a model of your project for an even more realistic view. The RealModel technology considers every aspect of your project (colours, textures, etc.) and automatically generates a sequence of numbered plans which can then be printed, cut out and assembled.

Present and share your project

The Layout Manager will guide you through all the steps required to print your photos, plans, etc.
The Animator technology allows you to create a professional 3D walk-through of your creation in the form of a virtual visit, which you can then easily share.

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