Use the Wall tools palette to draw and configure the plans of your home

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With the Wall tools palette, creating walls of different shapes and configurations is child’s play. With this tools palette you can position all the wall sections simply by dragging and dropping them.


To draw the plans of your home


Wall by wall

The QuickStart Assistant starts up automatically when the application is run. Click the Continue button.

Option 1

  1. On the Floor plan tab, click the Wall
  2. Click in the design window. Hold down the mouse button and drag. The wall follows the pointer, and its length is displayed automatically.
    Wall Tool Architect 3D
  3. Release the mouse button when the desired wall length is achieved.


Option 2

  1. On the Floor plan tab, click the Wall (Custom Wall Length)
  2. In the design window, click the starting point for the wall; hold down the mouse button and drag to define its direction.
  3. Release the mouse button then enter the desired in the pop-up dialogue box.
    Custom Wall Tool Architect 3D

Draw each wall using the method that suits you best.

Architect 3D automatically connects walls to form corners.


Room by room:

  1. Drag and drop the room types listed on the right into the design window.
  2. Use the corners of each of your rooms as handles for resizing them.
    QuickStart Wall Architect 3D
  3. To view the layout of your walls of a plan, click Continue.

When you have configured your living space, you can finely adjust the walls of your home: for instance you can divide a room into two, or join two rooms together.


To divide a room:

You may for instance need to divide a bathroom to add toilets either side.

  1. On the Floor Plan tab, click the Wall
  2. On one of the wall sections, click the wall’s starting point; hold down the mouse button and drag to extend the wall over the desired length; release the button to set it in place.
    3 Rooms In Progress Architect 3DTip: When your new wall is selected, you can move it using the arrows on your keyboard.
  1. All the labels state the name of the room that has been divided. Click the room you want to rename and enter the new label.
    3 Rooms In Progress Architect 3D



To open up other rooms

You may need to open up a kitchen onto a dining room or a corridor onto a sitting room for instance.

  1. Zoom with your mouse to view the rooms you want to join.
  2. Click the Select tool then click the wall sections you wish to remove and press the Del
  3. If necessary, adjust the alignment or length of your walls using the Wall
    1 Room In Progress Architect 3D
  4. Click in the room you have chosen to open up; you will see that the open rooms now form a single area.
    1 Room Architect 3D


Remember to save your project to confirm the outline of your walls.

Create the house of your dreams in 3D and become your own architect!
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