The key features...

Use the QuickStart wizard to define the layout of your rooms by simply dragging and dropping. Decorate and personalise your home by choosing from thousands of items to drag and drop: furniture, floor and wall coverings, worktop materials, carpets, trims and much more besides.

Tools to get your project off to a good start

Quickstart™ wizard: Add rooms by dragging and dropping to easily create your floor plan.

Standard ready-to-use house plans: In search of inspiration or a simple starting point? Use our editable house plans to speed up your design or browse for room planning ideas.

Tracing of scanned plans: Trace your favourite plans or use one you have designed.

Take photos of the inside or outside of an existing house and add them easily to complement your designs.

Tutorial videos: View our tutorial videos to learn how to master the many features of the software program.

Tools to get your project off to a good start Tools to get your project off to a good start

Designing has never been easier

Drag a set of furniture or your objects into the 3D view with one click for immediate display of the result!

Precision Lighting Planner™: With this powerful tool, you get full control over ambient lighting, shadows and light scattering. The lighting wizard and Sun Direction tool help you plan how much light you want and where to place it.

Estimator: The estimator will help you keep track of your project and will provide scales for doors, windows and much more besides.

3D Rendering: Generation of high-quality 3D renderings in real time. Immediately view your project in 3D as you draw up your plans in 2D.

Designing has never been easier Designing has never been easier

Interior and decoration

Object library: A wide range of construction and decoration materials is at your disposal. Faux finishings, interior and exterior paints, floors, solid surfaces, shutters, stonework and much more besides!

Material library: Try different materials and decorating ideas thanks to decorating palettes. Create different colour/material combinations, then switch from one to another to see which one you like the most.

Eco-construction: Build green! Click on the Eco-construction icon and your design becomes greener! We highlight areas where you can use eco-friendly materials and objects, such as recycled-glass countertops, bamboo flooring and much more besides! Ecological tips that are integral and specific to your design help you build green to save energy and money.

Interior and decoration Interior and decoration

Interior design by room

Kitchen: Modernise your kitchen with new cabinets, position an island for cooking or dining, add floor tiles or wood flooring, change window and door styles, and apply faux finishing to the wall.

Bathroom: try different colours of furniture, add a new customised bath or shower, view the effect of a granite countertop on your bathroom furniture, compare paint colours and wallpaper patterns, or change the lighting.

Office: Add cabinets and bookcases, change colours for a cosier atmosphere, choose from hundreds of office furniture and equipment units in the library.

Living areas: Try different layouts, lighting, and combinations of colours and materials.

Home cinema room: Create a cinema room that invites you to relax, or a genuine cinema in your own home. Position the seats and projection equipment. Place curtains in front of the screen and add a popcorn machine for an authentic movie experience.

Garage: Plan the renovation of your garage! Add customised flooring, create storage with drag-and-drop shelves, add a workshop, or turn your garage into a living area.

Cellar: create a space for recreation, position an indoor golf green, add an office space with the custom workshop’s library or try different layouts for your new living space.

Interior design by room Interior design by room Interior design by room
The new features of version 21NEW

Call Out Tool – Define portions of the building model as details, sections and elevations.(Ultimate,Platinum)

LEVEL LINES – Add labels to drawing to callout important structural elevations when creating construction documentation.(Ultimate,Platinum)

LINE STYLES – Ability to add labels to line styles.(ALL VARIANTS)

NOTE MARKERS – Identify building specifications such as framing requirements, pier locations, etc.(ALL VARIANTS)

PLAN LABELS – Add title lines to display Plan names; customize text alignment and font style.(Ultimate,Platinum)

WINDOW AND DOOR LABELS – Add custom labels for use, for example, in identifying manufacturer name or model/part number.(Ultimate,Platinum,Gold)

FILL PATTERNS – Newly added patterns, and a new rotate pattern option.(ALL VARIANTS)

FILL PATTERN LIBRARY – Expandable through downloadable content.(ALL VARIANTS)

Data Sharing – DWG/DXF, SketchUp®, 3D Studio®, 3MF, STL, DAE, Ply Adobe® Illustrator®, PDF, SVG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPG. Data Sharing – DWG/DXF, SketchUp®, 3D Studio®, 3MF, STL, DAE, Ply Adobe® Illustrator®, PDF, SVG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPG. Data sharing tools allow the user to create virtually any object to complement their home design project.(ALL VARIANTS)

NEW LIGHTING AND RENDERING OPTIONS – Create even more stunning photorealistic renderings Area and Skylight lighting options.(Ultimate,Platinum)

2D HOUSE PLANS – Save hours of design time by using professionally drawn single and two-story house plans as 2D tracing layers which can then be automatically viewed as a 3D design. 1000 plans from which to choose!(Ultimate,Platinum,Gold)

3D EXPORT SUPPORT – OBJ with Textures and STL are now available as file export options.(Ultimate,Platinum,Gold)

Usability Improvements – LogiCursor anticipates your moves with visual feedback Gripper anticipates your moves with visual feedback View Navigator, Zooming, Panning, Orbits Inspector for parameter edits Keyboard shortcuts Layer Manager, Select Mask, Show/Hide (7) Verify Distances, Perimeters, Areas, Volumes, and Angles 12. Drag and drop texture library.(Ultimate,Platinum,Gold)

Minimum system requirements:

MacOS X 10.15 or higher – Intel® Core™ Duo processor or higher – 1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)

3.5 GB of available hard disk space – Display resolution: 1024×768

Hard disk: To install this software program, your computer must have sufficient disk space to allow the unzipping and installation of 3.5 GB.

The software in the Architect 3D® range represents a volume of more than 1 GB. We therefore recommend that you use a high-speed connection to download this software.