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Architect 3D Mac Landscape Design

Architect 3D Mac Landscape Design

All the tools you need to design your garden like a pro

  • Plan your dream garden down to the smallest details : hedges, pathways, greenhouse etc.
  • View and tour your future property in 3D
  • Enjoy exceptional rendering thanks to the new-generation 3D engine
  • Easy access to project setup, recent projects, sample plans, and training materials
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$53.99 instead of $59.99

Product Highlights

A wealth of inspiration: design your garden and exterior without limit : exterior kitchen, patio, swimming pool, hedges, borders… and a catalog of plants and trees.

A product suitable for beginners wishing to tackle the details of their project or for people with a basic grasp of the concepts
Universal: Architect 3D runs on the most widely used PC operating systems, including Windows® Vista™ and Windows 7. Architect 3D is also compatible with the most widely used 3D design tools (AutoCad®, 3DS Studio Max, etc.)


Creation and design

  • Design your garden plans using the topography of your land
  • Use the drag and drop Quickstart technology to arrange plants and objects in your 2D and 3D plans
  • Plan all the technical and material aspects: irrigation and Rain-Sensor tools, excavation topo, creation of stairs and access ramps…
  • Use the Plant Growth projection to decipde upon which tree to plant on which area
  • Insert one of your own images for a more realistic rendering
  • Try various textures and materials from international renowned brands: roofing, stones, bricks, etc…and customise them
  • Design your swimming pool
  • Intellideck: design a customised deck that follows the shape of your house ! So easy!
  • Import and export your files to DXF/DWG formats
  • Customise your fencing and gates
  • Imagine the patio and terrace of your dream: size, heigh, columns, fountains, etc
  • Find a wide range of barbecues, deckchairs, parasols, and exterior furnitures in our catalog tool
  • Create your own 3D objects using the 3D object design studio incorporating very effective CAD tools or import an object created using AutoCAD, ViaCAD, Shark or Google Sketchup.

Tour & view:

  • Walk through your garden as if it was already done
  • View your project at different times of day using the Sun Direction tool
  • Create a video fly-around of your project.
  • View your project from a variety of angles and 3D renderings: aerial top down, saved 3D views, 3D ClearView, Wireframe and more

Latest Updates

Sketchup Import

  • New! Faster, more powerful home and landscape design features.
  • New! 64-Bit technology and retina compatibility for the sharpest imagery in a Mac-friendly user interface.
  • Improved! Newly redesigned roofing system and 2D drawing engine.
  • New! 30+ new home plans plus new kitchen, bath and outdoor templates.
  • New! Thousands of 3D objects, materials and paint colours in a redesigned Content Library Management System with improved search, navigation and display.Improved Symbols
  • New! Customizable 2D plant symbols with thousands of trees, flowers and shrubs in the plant library. Plus, plant inventory toolbar to organize and adjust your selections.
  • New! Compatible with new Sketchup versions, easily edit size and materials within the program.
  • New! Compatible with the latest MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.
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Architect 3D Mac Landscape Design

Download $53.99 instead of $59.99