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Wall questions

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    Bob Fallis

    To add stone to a wall, do I need to add a wall (for the stone) outside the framed wall?
    To curve a wall, is it always necessary to make the wall out of many facets instead of one curved wall section?
    Can the faceted segments be combined in order to use the wall design tools for a single wall?
    How do you curve the top of a wall for an arch-top effect?

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    Hello and thank you for submitting your question to the official Architect 3D forum.

    Architect 3D isn’t CAD software, but the implemented wall drawing tool allows you to make gabled and clipped gabled wall styles. Close to arch-top effect could be achieved by creating a wall with breaks through an equal intervals, change the style of each wall segment to Shed and change the pitch ration on each segment as well as matching height so it matches the prior segment. On the other end of the wall start doing the same, but this time use wall style – Shed Reversed. Precise work will help you make a wall with arched top.

    Walls can be covered with different materials, and can’t be designed with PowerTools.
    To apply material
    1Click the Rendering Style button or on the View menu, click 3D Rendering Style, Shaded View.
    2Click the Materials Tab. The Preview Bar displays materials available for placement.
    3(optional) At the top of the Preview Bar, click the Style drop-down menu to display the Materials style menu, then click to check the material you want, for instance brick, stucco, stone, siding, and so on. Options of the selected material will be displayed on the Preview Bar.
    4Scroll to view the available materials.
    5Click the material you want to apply; hold down the mouse button and drag the material onto the surface where you want it applied.

    Applying stone material over a wall to make it appear as made out of stone will not affect the framing when look in 3D frame rending mode. On the Landscape plan you can select to build an edging of stones in vertical layers that will appear as objects with volume in a difference of the materials given in the library.

    Curved wall is created by many straight pieces attached together in a circle even if you draw a circle or ellipse shape from the details tab and convert it into wall. With Architect 3D, you can easily add drawing curved walls. You could even draw a round house!
    To draw a curved wall
    1On the Floor Plan tab, click the Curved Wall Tool. The Curved Wall Tool Properties dialog box is displayed.
    2Type the Wall Segment length in the text box, then click OK.
    3On the Design window, press the mouse button, to define one end of the circular wall segment, and drag. A rubber-band line appears and follows the pointer. This line signifies the diameter of your curved wall.
    4Release the mouse button when the wall is the correct length.
    5Move the mouse clockwise or counter-clockwise, until the wall is the shape you want.
    6Click to end.

    Kindest regards,

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