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Scale Dimensions following Trace

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    Alex Lainson

    I have traced a plan but the dimensions shown on the tracing have no relation to actual dimensions, how do I scale the software dimensions to real-world dimensions?

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    Hello Alex,
    thank you for posting on Architect 3D support forum webpage.

    Please navigate to menu Design > Options and set Plan scale to desired factor.

    In Lot Properties set the working area width and depth then go to Floor Plan Trace Properties option and set the scanned image of the property by sizing it up to fit the lot.

    Take your time, calculate the scale, take dimensions. Scale’s accuracy is a very important step.

    Then trace it with tools provide in Details plan and convert lines into Intelligent Objects like Walls, Decks, etc. Note that some elements like doors, windows, furniture must be inserted separately, because they are Components.

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support team

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