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    I opened a project today which i’m adamant was saved properly two days ago but now has lost also the previous changes made two days ago.

    Is there a auto back up / restore?


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    Hello Ian,
    thank you for posting on Architect 3D forum webpage.

    If Undo Preferences are enabled (See Main Menu > Edit > Undo Preferences.  Also Main Menu > Edit => Preferences > Undo Preferences) you may locate the backup file in the following folder:

    Go to Windows’ File Explorer  then local disc C: then enter folder Users => XXX(your user name) => AppData => Roaming => Architect 3D => XXX (the name of your Architect 3D (R) program) => Undo or Recovery => Note that the files will be deleted after you restart the program normally.

    Keep in mind that, if you deactivate the UNDO option (Edit => Undo preferences) => this option deactivates also the backup => in this case, you won’t find the backup files of your work.

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support team

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