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Kitchen Design

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    I have purchased the Architect 3D 19 Ultimate and want to design a kitchen area, is there no library for units/items/ etc?

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    Support Architect 3D

    Hello Richard,

    thank you for posting this question on Architect 3D forum.

    All editions of all versions of Architect 3D come with library of furniture, items, objects and images. The most packed of items is the Ultimate edition.
    Press on the information icon to reveal the library with items. You will find categories in expandable tree structure to select from.

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support

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      Holly Bates

      Great product.

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    Support Architect 3D

    Similar topic is now open here.

    Please look up the forum for answers to your question before open new topic. If you have similar question on the same topic please submit it below. This will alleviate the process of searching answers.

    Kind regards,
    Avanquest Support

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    Peter Pipkin

    I have just purchased Platinum 3D      there are no kitchen cabinets in the library, lots of accessories, appliances but I can not find cabinets, sinks, countertops or wall cabinets.


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      Hello Peter,
      please look up the library of Architect 3D Platinum edition. Expand the relevant category and you will find kitchen cabinets.
      Change the elevation of a cabinet, its orientation and appearance to fit into the kitchen design.

      Large selection of sinks, cooktops, kitchen furniture is available in Architect 3D library:
      Kitchen furniture

      Cabinets can be also quickly placed from the button on the Floor Plan tab:
      Cabinet button on Floor plan tab

      Architect 3D comes with very detailed manual in PDF format.
      It is located in the installation folder of the software, quick call button for it is F1 while the software is operating.

      Similar topic has been already open here.

      Kind regards,
      Architect 3D Support team

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    Peter Pipkin

    Thanks I have discovered that and feel silly for not spotting the cabinets on the Floor tab.


    Great product.

    Sure it is capable of far more than I am.


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      Architect 3D Support

      You are most welcome Peter, no worries. Please let me know if I could be of further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      Architect 3D Support team

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    I am trying to add a casement window with a small arched wooden section above it (Part of the window). The panes are 2 sets of 3 X 2 panes with one side fixed and the other opening. Can you suggest the best way to do this.


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      Hello Ray,
      thank you for posting on Architect 3D forum.

      In Architect 3D windows are drawn closed by default and their wings can’t be displayed as open. However open shutters can be added.  Casement window with arched wooden section above is available in Windows styles as well as custom windows predefined library.  Add wooden materials from the library on top of the trim and frame to change its appearance.

      Also consider the freedom of shifting in their elevation property two or more windows on the same wall but one above another (or next to each other) so when touched together look like one window with shape that isn’t provided in the predefined list of styles.

      Kind regards,
      Architect 3D support team

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    Thanks for getting back so quickly and for solving my problem.  If only it was so easy dealing with planning and listed building/conservation.


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      Hello again Ray,
      thanks for replying.

      Planing and designing house isn’t ease. Architect 3D provides all necessary tools for the specific work to alleviate the process and help you go over any difficulties you encounter along the way. Learning step by step how to operate with the software you’ll reach excellency in no time.
      I’m available at your disposal if you need advise or assistance. Please refer to program’s user guide under Help menu where all basic and advanced functionalities are covered.

      Kind regards,
      Architect 3D Support team

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