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Import of scaned plans

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    I’ll import existing plans of my house. I got the plans/drawings in pdf.

    How I can import that data? I’ll design the outdoor area. So I’m not interested to create the complete house too.


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    Hello Defre,
    thank you for opening this topic on Architec 3D Support forum.

    Most likely the PDF file is image based so please save the image as separate file in order to import and trace it in Architect 3D.

    Please use the Trace Feature => Main Menu => Go to => Design => Floor Plan Trace Properties => the Trace menu will open => Set Image => Look for the image file (acceptable formats are bmp, jpg, png, tiff or ptx) => in this first stage, don’t worry about the dimensions of the image.

    As the image appears in the screen => use one of the dimensions tools and measure one of the dimensions in the image => in the image above, the dimension in the image is 12’ and the dimension measured in the program is 10’ => therefore 12’/10’= 1.20 => this means 120%

    Again go to => Main Menu => Go to => Design => Floor Plan Trace Properties => the Trace menu will open => Percentage => 120% (Horizontal and vertical) => OK => In the plan, both dimensions (image and program) must be the same. Sometimes, this process requires several adjustments and / or changes in just one of the direction (horizontal or vertical) in order to fit the correct scale.

    Take your time, calculate the scale, take dimensions => remember that the scale’s accuracy is a very important step.

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support team

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