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How to do Split level designs

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    I have just purchased your program and I am wanting to build our house platform but can’t work out how to do a split level design as our house is. Our house is 2 levels on each side with the living level situated in between the two bedroom side levels elevation with a full height ceiling (5m) over the living level and a sub basement underneath.

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    Hi Neil,
    thank you for posting this question on Architect 3D forum webpage.

    Designing house plan with spilt level floors on the same story is ease with Architect 3D software of any edition.

    Even if your program allows only 3 floors, split levels or different levels in the same floor are not a problem if you set the elevations correctly. Use the Pat’s Elevation Manager to write the elevations’ levels (adding a text reminder if you wish). For example, say that the first floor of your house has 3 levels: The garage at level 0” (in brown in the image), the main entrance at +24” (in red in the image) and the living room at 48” (in green in the image).

    Create each level using a different Working Elevation, all them in the first floor.
    As for the topography, create three different Building Pads, using the different elevations (0”, 24”and 48”)

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support team

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    I’m curious if the above is correct for a tri-level house. When you enter the front door of my house (main level), you are on the level with the living room, dining room, and kitchen. You have to go up a few stairs (4′ in elevation) to get to the upper level (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) or you have to go down a few stairs (4′ below main level) to get to the lower level (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom). Thanks.

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      Hello Scott,
      thanks for replying on this topic for split level house design, easily achieved with Architect 3D software.

      Tri-level house is done in the same matter as described above.
      You can start a project of a house with three stories and change the elevation of each story or alternatively design one story house and shift floors on different elevation according to your wishes. Use the relevant tool to create stairs between different floors. This tutorial video may be useful – http://www.myarchitect3d.com/tutorials#Floors

      Kindest regards,
      Architect 3D Support team

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