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Ceiling beams

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    Alan Woolnough

    Hi,   The barn I’m working on is to have a wood ceiling with all joists and supporting beams exposed.  Its was easy enough to create this but it is not visible in the 3D view.  Cant figure out why not.  Any ideas?  Thank you

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    Hello Alan, thank you for this question.

    You may build barn using the tools on the Floor and Roof plan, also on the Framing plan.

    Click with the right-hand-side mouse either on a wall or roof on the 2D plan and edit the framing properties in a way you want beams and joists to appear. Use the tools on the Framing plan to place additional beams, support columns and joists.

    When ready to preview where all framing are displayed, press on any 3D plan and select Framing rending mode.
    Export high-quality 3D image from menu File > Export > 3D image…

    Kind regards,

    Architect 3D Support team

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    Alan Woolnough

    Hi.  I am struggling to figure out how to make beams that have a vertical angle not horizontal or if you prefer a horizonal beam that has different heights at each end.    Thank you.


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    Hello Alan,
    thank you for replying.

    Support beams are only vertical or horizontal as shown on the Framing plan.

    However you may use the Freehand roof drawing tool to place roof slope at desired angle, then click on top of it on the 2D plan using the right-hand-side mouse button and change framing properties (frames spacing, size and material), so when previewed in 3D plan as framing rendering support frames look as per your preferences.

    Kind regards,
    Architect 3D Support team

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