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Reply To: Kitchen units – ?? How do I design my kitchen?

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Hello and thank you very much for posting on Architect 3D forum webpage.

Post on the same topic has been open already, please look it up here.

Full height and fitted low level cabinets are available in library under category Kitchen and Dining. Use the search text field to locate quickly the low level cabinets. Drag and drop materials listed in the library to change the appearance of model’s pieces.

Kitchen cabinets are also available on the Floor plan tab under dedicated button – Cabinets. These cabinets come in different styles that also allow to edit their default appearance using the settings in Properties on the right-hand-side menu.

Architect 3D includes models that can be customised to fit the design you are after. The software also provides great feature to import external models in format .3ds (3D Studio), .skp (SketchUp) and .POB .CWP (Punch! CAD)

Let me know if I could be of further assistance.

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