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Architect 3D (R) allows importing pictures in different formats and with different purposes.

The picture preparation is necessary in order to obtain accurate results. The pictures’ quality is measured in pixels per inch. If you have more pixels in one inch, the picture will have a better quality; therefore the rendering will be more realistic.

Some Architect 3D (R) programs include a Power Tool called Photo View Editor that can be used to mask a picture. PhotoView imports pictures that will appear as Static Boards in Live View.

The picture should have always a black background. The reason of this, is because Architect 3D (R) renders this exact colour as transparent. Take the picture straight to the object, not from the sides.

When you import a picture, you must define the dimensions and elevation => as these are the parameters of the entire board, you must remove all the superfluous black space by cropping a square or rectangle around the borders of the object,
In your program, use File=> Import => Plant to library => Import pictures of people or animals. In the floor plan, they will appear as plants, but in Live View they will look as objects. The advantage of this method is that the persons will always look at the camera.

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