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Architect 3D Support team

Hello Andy,
thank you for posting on Architect 3D forum.

Elevation view of your house project is available in the Gold, Platinum and Ultimate editions of Architect 3D software.

Architect 3D provides many options for looking at your design on-screen. This gives you the flexibility to view your drawing as a 2D plan, in Elevation view, as a 2D plan with a corresponding 3D view, or using only Full 3D View.

When viewing your 2D home plan, you can magnify the view by zooming in, reduce the view by zooming out, or pan the view in any direction.

3D viewing provides many options, from walking through the home plan to flying around the plan or viewing the framing or completion phase of your project. You can adjust 3D display settings using a variety of viewing features, including adding shadows, for a realistic effect, or adjusting the lighting intensity of the view. Finally, you can create a photo-realistic view of your design.

To print a 3D Elevation View rendering

1 Open the Elevation View and set the view of your design that you want to print.

2 Click File menu > Print 3D View. The Print Elevation Options dialog box is displayed.

3Choose the Print Quality and Print Options you want.

4 Click OK. The Print dialog box is displayed.

5 Choose the printer you want to use.

(optional) Change the paper orientation and size.

6 Click OK.

Kind regards,
Architect 3D Support team