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Hello Jeremy,
thank you for commenting on Architect 3D forum.

Hip roof with flat area on top isn’t included as pre-set, but it is possible to construct with precise measuring and careful drawing.

Start from the flat area by drawing zero degree tilted rectangle roof piece. Use either the Freehand Roof tool or Rectangle tool on Details tab.

Once the flat area is drawn, move on to draw the four slops. Keep these slops flat as well and the side length equal to all!
Grab one of the ends of the Pointing arrows and rotate all to point away from the flat area.

Now make sure the Laser Alignment in Properties is selected and grab one of the outside corners of a slop panel and drag it in a straight direction to the exact distance of the neighbour slop. Repeat that to joint all corner tips together.

After that select one slop and hold down Shift on the keyboard to select the other three slops. In Properties in section Elevation chose (Peak) and as a Pitch Angle type in 28° then press Enter.

Go to 3D plan to preview.

Here is a recorded video: https://youtu.be/_jY74nGvMRM

Kind regards,
Architect 3D Support team