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Hi Ettore,
thank you for posting this question on Architect 3D forum.

To define a custom colour:

1 Click the Libraries tab and choose Paint Colours from the Libraries drop-down menu. The Paint Colours Type libraries become available.
2 Choose Custom Colours from the Paint Colours Type drop-down menu. The Categories drop-down menu becomes available.
3 Click the Categories drop-down menu and choose the category you want. Its contents appear in the Preview Bar.
4 In the Preview Bar, right-click the colour you want to customize and click Choose Colour (or double-click the colour preview). The Colour dialog box is displayed.
5 Click one of the Basic or Custom colours, or click in the colour spectrum block to select a colour.
(optional) Adjust the current Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity, or Red, Green, and Blue values to create a custom colour.
6 Click OK. The colour you defined is displayed on the Preview Bar.
To apply the colour, drag-and-drop the colour onto a surface in the 3D view window.

Kind regards,
Architect 3D Support team