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If you own Architect 3D for computers with operating system Windows you can create and export animation.  How to use the Animation path tool is explained on page 296 of the user manual guide of Architect 3D 19 software.

To draw animation paths

1 On the Edit toolbar, click the Animation Path Tool.

2 In the design window, click to set the start point and drag to define the length and angle of the path.

3 Continue to click points and drag to define the shape of the path and then right-click to place.

To export animation:

1 Click File menu > Export > Animation. The Animation Export Settings dialog box is displayed.

2 Specify the export settings you want.

■ Video Size slider defines the size of the exported video. As you drag the slider, a preview is displayed.

■ Video Quality slider allows you to define a Quick, High Quality, or Ultra-High video.

■ Render Shadows On Export checkbox enables shadows in the exported video when selected; shadows are excluded when deselected.

■ Play After Export checkbox opens the exported video after the file is saved.

■ Fade Colour allows you to define the colour of the fade effect.

3 Click OK. The Export Animation Video dialog box is displayed.

4 Browse to the folder where you want the video to be exported and type a new file name. Architect 3D automatically adds the extension.

5 Click Save. The video file is exported to the location you’ve specified.

To play the animated path, navigate to the file location and open the file. The AVI file opens in your default media player.

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