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Hello David,
thank you for posting on Architect 3D forum webpage.

3D Architect software is different than Architect 3D software unless you meant to say Architect 3D Professional and not 3D Architect Professional.

Fully updated Windows 10 should run normally older release of Architect 3D software.

3D Architect software works with native projects in file format .acp
where Architect 3D projects are in file format .pro

Architect 3D software for computers with operating system Windows allows import of two dimensional DXF and DWG files.
Also newer version of Architect 3D software can open projects created in prior versions (all editions) of Architect 3D.

Architect 3D software receives over Internet minor updates to the current version automatically when such are available.

New versions ought to be bought. Please place an order through as an upgrade to the latest Architect 3D software on this webpage here http://www.myarchitect3d.com/upgrade. After payment is cleared you will receive email with download link and new licence for Architect 3D software.

Keep in mind the software can be licensed to one computer only.

If you wish to move it on another computer, please remove the software from control panel programs list while computer is connected to the Internet so you may use the same licence key again on another computer.

I recommend the fully loaded version of Architect 3D Ultimate.

Kind regards,

Architect 3D Support team