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The stairs are the elements used to move up or down from one storey of a building to another. It is important to perform an accurate calculation of the stairs in order to avoid surprises.

Total Rise: vertical distance between the walking surfaces of the two floors.

Total Run: horizontal length of the full path of the stair.

Step Rise: vertical elevation of each step (height of the step).

Step Run: horizontal dimension between 2 rises of each step (depth of the step).

Head Height Requirements: minimum overhead clearance for all the steps.

In order to build a staircase first, you should check the requirements of your Building Code to determine the guidelines for rise, run and restrictions regarding head height.

In order to design your stair in Architect 3D (R), follow these steps by checking the example in the image above.

1 – Establish the Total Rise => in the example = 98”.

2 – Establish a Step Rise => check the code for maximum and minimums for the different uses, like commercial, home, etc. => in the example = 7”.

3 – Divide the Total Rise by the Step Rise => 98”/ 7” = 14. This means that your stair will have 14 steps. If the result is not an entire number of steps (for example 96”/ 7”= 13.71, use the following entire number, in this case, 14.

4 – Multiply the number of steps (14 in this case) by the Step Run (10” in this case) => 14 steps x 10”= 140”=> this number is the Total Run of the stair.

5 – You can manually adjust the length of the stair according with the Total Run calculated or use the Arrow with the # sign => click on the stair’s middle line => write the desired length (140”in this case).

6 – Verify if the overhead clearance of all the steps is above the minimum required.


Here is how to create Spiral staircase: Draw an oval of the diameter from the centre of the staircase in the “Detail” tab. Press the SHIFT key while following the oval to force it into a circle.

Select the circle and click on “Convert To Staircase” in the Properties tab on the right.

Adjust the staircase’s elevation to match the floor surface.

Change the height of the staircase in the Properties tab.

Add skirting boards, risers, etc., in the Properties tab.

Please find a link to a video detailing the procedure below: https://youtu.be/Uen8quzKL5w

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