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Hello Anthony,
thank you for posting this question on Architect 3D support forum webpage.

The Architect 3D program include helpful settings.
See Main Menu > Edit > Undo Preferences.  Also Main Menu > Edit => Preferences > Undo Preferences
Specification of the number of instances for the Undo feature (up to 50 levels) or deactivate the Undo feature. The program uses this setting for restore and recovery. The Undo feature increases the Rendering time. However, deactivating the Undo feature, also deactivates the Auto recovery feature (in the event of a power failure, for example)

Locate the backup file in the following folder:
Go to Windows’ File Explorer  then local disc C: then enter folder Users => XXX(your user name) => AppData => Roaming => Architect 3D => XXX (the name of your Architect 3D (R) program) => Undo or Recovery => Note that the files will be deleted after you restart the program normally.
Keep in mind that, if you deactivate the UNDO option (Edit => Undo preferences) => this option deactivates also the backup => in this case, you won’t find the backup files of your work.

Kind regards,
Architect 3D Support team