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Architect 3D Landscape Design

Architect 3D Landscape Design

All the tools you need to design your garden like a pro

  • Plan your dream garden down to the smallest details : hedges, pathways, greenhouse etc.
  • View and tour your future property in 3D
  • Enjoy exceptional rendering thanks to the new-generation 3D engine
  • Easy access to project setup, recent projects, sample plans, and training materials
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$53.99 instead of $59.99

Architect 3D Garden & Exterior Edition offers a complete set of tools to help you plan, create and visualise your garden and exterior. Draw up plans of your terrace, exterior kitchen or swimming pool, equip your exterior areas with high-end furniture and add your own personal touch by choosing the plants you want in our large plant bar. A virtual tour and extremely realistic 3D rendering allow you to review the results, and the plant growth projection gives an additional strengh to your project. To help you plan realistically your garden, Architect 3D Garden & Exterior edition keeps the main features of Architect 3D: design the plan of your house, insert doors, windows and roofs and plan all your electrical, plumbing and light installations.

Product Highlights

A wealth of inspiration: design your garden and exterior without limit : exterior kitchen, patio, swimming pool, hedges, borders… and a catalog of plants and trees.
A product suitable for beginners wishing to tackle the details of their project or for people with a basic grasp of the concepts
Universal: Architect 3D runs on the most widely used PC operating systems, including Windows® 10, Windows®Vista™ and Windows 7. Architect 3D is also compatible with the most widely used 3D design tools (AutoCad®, 3DS Studio Max, etc.)


Creation and design

  • Design your garden plans using the topography of your land
  • Use the drag and drop Quickstart technology to arrange plants and objects in your 2D and 3D plans
  • Plan all the technical and material aspects: irrigation and Rain-Sensor tools, excavation topo, creation of stairs and access ramps…
  • Use the Plant Growth projection to decipde upon which tree to plant on which area
  • Insert one of your own images for a more realistic rendering
  • Try various textures and materials from international renowned brands: roofing, stones, bricks, etc…and customise them
  • Design your swimming pool
  • Intellideck: design a customised deck that follows the shape of your house ! So easy!
  • Import and export your files to DXF/DWG formats
  • Customise your fencing and gates
  • Imagine the patio and terrace of your dream: size, heigh, columns, fountains, etc
  • Find a wide range of barbecues, deckchairs, parasols, and exterior furnitures in our catalog tool
  • Create your own 3D objects using the 3D object design studio incorporating very effective CAD tools or import an object created using AutoCAD, ViaCAD, Shark or Google Sketchup.

Tour & view:

  • Walk through your garden as if it was already done
  • View your project at different times of day using the Sun Direction tool
  • Create a video fly-around of your project.
  • View your project from a variety of angles and 3D renderings: aerial top down, saved 3D views, 3D ClearView, Wireframe and more

Latest Updates


  • NEW! 3D Objects
    – Boast an expanded object library, with even more 2D and 3D objects and textures to choose from


  • NEW! 2D Engine – High Performance and High Quality Rendering for 2D Geometry and Text
    – High performance and high-quality rendering for 2D geometry and text.
    – Support for customizable line, fill, and pattern colors.
  • NEW! Customizable Draw Styles
    – Customize and apply drawing styles for any objects or group of objects.
    – Pick and apply a profile to an object.
    – Save your profile, then quickly and easily apply to selected objects.
    – Easily copy the same style to other objects.
    – Customize lines and patterns to your design.
    – Antialiasing : Smooth lines and curves
    – Choose from Miter, Bevel, and Round


  • NEW! Annotate Remodeling Details
    – Easily and Clearly Show Before and After Changes
  • NEW! Transparency
    – Options for Lines, Fills, Patterns & Text.
  • NEW! Modify Tool Bar – Align, edit, and distribute elements with ease.
    Alignment Tools: Quickly align a selected set of design elements.
    Distribution Tools: Spaces selected design elements evenly.
    Size Match: Make selected elements the same width, height or both.
    Duplicate specified number of copies, customizable spacing between copies.
    Flip and Mirror: Flip and Mirror objects horizontally and vertically.
    2D View Tools: Reset View, Fit To Window, Fit To Selected.
  • NEW! Custom Rich Text Options – Multiple Fonts And Attributes
    – More custom text options.
    – Choose multiple fonts and attributes.
  • NEW! DWG/DXF Import and Export – Including AutoCAD® 2018 files
  • NEW! High-Quality Resolution and Printing
Architect 3D Express
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Architect 3D Gold
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Architect 3D Platinum
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Architect 3D Ultimate
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Architect 3D Mac Essentials
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Architect 3D Mac Pro
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Architect 3D Mac Ultimate
Mac Ultimate -10%
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Architect 3D Landscape Design

Download $53.99 instead of $59.99